Select Hourly Candidate Screening System Speeds & Streamlines

Flooded with applications for non-exempt positions?  Select Associate Screening System speeds up
and streamlines the hourly talent selection and assessment of candidates by identifying the top applicants for you.
Select provides supplementary, individualized interview questions that drill down into a candidate’s
potential weak areas. Performance and retention levels are higher among entry-level applicants recommended through Select.

Integrated Selection Process

An integrated selection process starts by determining what success looks like in a specific job
and then determining what capabilities (personality, motivations, skills, abilities, education, experiences, etc.) contribute to success.
We helps you identify what defines success in the job. Once the target is defined,
each component of the selection process should be designed so that all critical capabilities are measured in the selection process.

Specific to Job Type

Completed in only 15 to 20 minutes, Select assessments are specific to job type at the associate level:

Integrates Smoothly

Get a jump-start by choosing standard, off-the-shelf assessments, or take a customized
approach with assessments built using job analyses and company-specific research by our experts.
integrates smoothly with web-enabled application processes and
applicant-tracking systems for a seamless applicant experience.


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