Consultative Sales

®, our consultative sales assessment solution, is a web-based testing system designed to evaluate whether
your professional sales candidates have the underlying personality to be
effective in a demanding sales role. Use SalesMax for
Selection and Development. 

Sales Personality

Success begins with the basic disposition for sales. Personality traits are stable characteristics 
that are not easily changed through training, so sales professionals should possess the right personality from the start.
We've has been actively researching the sales personality since the mid 1980s and
has been providing sales assessments for various sales roles for the last 17 years.

Sales Knowledge

SalesMax also measures the candidate’s knowledge of effective sales strategies at various stages 
of the sales cycle, as well as their motivational needs. It evaluates prospecting, pre-qualifying, first impressions, 
probing, presenting, overcoming objections, influencing, closing and more. It also provides feedback 
on specific personality factors that help or hinder effectiveness in sales—where to 
target training efforts, and what motivations will mean the most.

Sales Motivations

SalesMax will also help you gauge the fit between the individual’s motivational needs, your supervisory 
style, and the rewards available in your organization. It does this by looking at these motivators: 
recognition, control, money, freedom, developing expertise, affiliation, security, and achievement.

SalesMax has been used in various industries including:
  • Advertising Sales
  • Building Materials Sales
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Office Equipment Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Professional Services
  • Technology Sales


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