Laboratory-based.  Zero tampering.
Makes applicants more comfortable.


Oral Fluid Collection System

 The industry’s first fully FDA-cleared next-generation testing system. This patented device has a volume adequacy indicator window—designed to help reduce repeat collections.


The advantages of Oral-Eze®.
The Blue Indicator Window assures sample adequacy.  It reduces the likelihood of the sample being rejected as “quantity not sufficient” and thereby reducing the time and expense associated with a second collection.

Costs less than typical urine tests.
Saves at least 25% off of the cost of UAs.

Shelf Life.
15-18 months.

Free Collection Training.
Beck & Associates will Train and Certify all of your Collectors at no charge.

No unpleasant taste.
Has no salty or citric taste.

Easy collection and fast turnaround.
Sample collection typically takes about five minutes. Lab results to you via email in two days.

Test with Confidence
We’ve simplified the collection of oral samples for routine drug testing and provide all the advantages of previous collection systems.  The indicator window takes the guesswork out of collecting samples and turns blue when the sample quantity is sufficient for processing.

Tests for a Wide Range of Drugs

The candidate/employee has custody of the sample        The collection process takes just a few minutes


Then, the sample is signed, sealed, and sent FedEx.   You see the results via email in less than 48 hours.


“It’s just like taking someone’s temperature”

“Oral-Eze® is efficient!  It positively impacts our bottom line”

“It’s less embarrassing asking a candidate to use a swab vs. a urine sample”

“Urine tests happen in secure restrooms.  I’m able to watch the collection first-hand!”

“No more sample custody issues!  The candidate does everything right in front of me”



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